The Dashboard is your central hub for managing all aspects of the Boosty Cart Drawer app. From here, you can easily customize the appearance and behavior of the cart drawer, upsells, rewards, and sticky add-to-cart buttons.

Options Overview

On the dashboard page, you’ll find a set of buttons that allow you to easily navigate and access different features of the app. Each button corresponds to a specific functionality:

1. Cart Drawer:
Customize the appearance and behavior of your cart drawer.

2. Sticky Cart:
Configure settings for the sticky cart that remains visible while users scroll.

3. Sticky Bar:
Customize the sticky bar for a seamless shopping experience.

4. View Analytics:
Gain insights into user behavior and analytics for your store.

Basic Setup Tasks

To get started with the Boosty Cart Drawer app, simply follow these four easy steps:

1. Open Cart Drawer:
Click the “Open Cart Drawer” button on the dashboard to access and customize your cart drawer. You can personalize its appearance, layout, and other settings to match your store’s aesthetic.

2. Add Upsells:
Enhance your sales strategy by incorporating upsells. Click the “Add Upsells” button on the dashboard to seamlessly integrate upselling features into your cart. This allows you to promote additional products and increase order values.

3. Add Rewards:
Encourage customer loyalty and engagement by adding rewards to your cart. Click the “Add Rewards” button on the dashboard to set up and manage your rewards program. This could include discounts, points, or other incentives for your customers.

4. Sticky Add to Cart:
Improve the user experience by customizing the sticky “Add to Cart” button. Click the “Open Sticky Add to Cart” button on the dashboard to tailor the behavior and appearance of the sticky add-to-cart feature.

With the Boosty Cart Drawer Cart Upsell app’s intuitive Dashboard page, you can effortlessly manage and customize various aspects of your shopping cart. Explore the provided options to enhance your store’s functionality and provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.