Welcome to the Aura Product Reviews & QA Dashboard

The Dashboard page is the central hub of your Shopify app, providing a quick overview of essential statistics and insights for your store. Here, you can access vital information about your store’s performance, customer interactions, and more.

Key Metrics

1. Reviews Received:

The “Reviews Received” metric provides a snapshot of how many reviews your products have received from customers. This is a valuable indicator of customer engagement and satisfaction.

2. Q & A Received:

The “Q&A Received” metric shows the total number of questions and answers submitted by customers about your products. This reflects the level of customer engagement and their interest in your offerings.

3. Average Rating:

The “Average Rating” metric calculates the average rating given by customers for your products. It provides a quick overview of overall product satisfaction.

Getting Started

The Options in our Shopify app provide you with powerful customization tools to enhance your store’s functionality and appearance. These options enable you to seamlessly integrate widgets into your live theme, making it easier than ever to showcase product reviews and ratings.

1. Active Widget

> Activate Button:
To add snippets to your live theme, simply click the “Activate” button. This action will redirect you to the live theme app embed option.

> Enable Core Snippets:
After redirection, enable the core snippets by saving the theme. This will inject all necessary CSS and JavaScript code into your live theme.

2. Product Reviews Widget

> Activate Button:
Displaying product reviews anywhere on your product page is a breeze. Click the “Active” button to redirect to your store’s live theme product page.

> Enable Product Review Widget:
Once redirected, enable the product review widget. You can place this widget anywhere you desire on your product page.

> Save Theme Setting:
After configuring the placement of the widget, click “Save” to apply your theme settings.

3. Rating Star Widget

> Activate Button:
Enhance your product pages with average rating stars by clicking the “Activate” button. This action will redirect you to your store’s live theme.

> Enable Rating Star Widget:
In your live theme, enable the Rating Star Widget to display average product ratings.

4. Reviews Slider Widget

> Activate Button:
Showcase your most helpful reviews on various pages, such as your home page, collection page, blog page, or any other desired location. Simply click the “Activate” button.

> Active Reviews Slider Widgets:
Once redirected to your store’s live theme home page, activate the Reviews Slider Widget.

> Customize Widget Placement:
You can easily configure the placement of this widget to suit your specific needs on any page.

These Dashboard Options empower you to take full control of your store’s appearance and functionality. With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly integrate essential elements like product reviews, ratings, and sliders into your live theme, enhancing the overall shopping experience for your customers. Enjoy the flexibility and customization possibilities these options provide as you tailor your store to meet your unique business requirements.