User Interaction with the Bundle Widget

User Interaction with the Bundle Widget

Viewing Bundles:

Customers will now see the product bundle widget in the designated location.
Bundles are clearly displayed for easy viewing.

Selecting a Bundle:

Users can click on the bundle of their choice.
A selection interface opens, allowing users to customize bundle options as needed.

Add to Cart:

After selecting the desired bundle, users click the “Add to Cart” button.
The selected bundle products are automatically added to the user’s shopping cart.

Automatic Redirection:

Users are seamlessly redirected to the cart page.
The added bundle is prominently displayed along with individual product details.

Review and Proceed:

Users can review their cart, make any necessary adjustments, and proceed to checkout confidently.

Conclusion: The Cork Product Bundle App streamlines the entire process, from showcasing bundles on the product page to a hassle-free checkout experience. Enhance your customers’ shopping journey with this seamless integration that encourages bundle purchases.